Also known as conditioner washing, is a method used for cleansing your hair with conditioner instead of shampoo.

Curly Cocktails

are concoctions formulated for one’s specific hair needs. This consists of using several different products and lots of experimentation.


a person who follow trends in the natural hair industry obsessively and strives to adopt the latest styles and products.


releasing or letting losse your inner beauty. Freed to express yourself through your natural tresses.

Big Chop

when someone cuts off the relaxed or chemically treated hair to begin wearing hair natural.


Teeny weeny afro


another term for shampoo


bra strap length


method used for flipping your head over and pulling your hair with your hands to volumize curls


Also known as curl junkie, is a person who is willing to try several different products unties he/she find the winning products.

2nd Day Hair

Hair that look just as good the 2nd day and it did the first day. Very little product needed if any.

Twist Out

The process of adding product while double strand twisting your hair, letting it air dry and carefully unrevealing the twist to achieve desired style.